a bridge too low

Originally sent to the Merc.

It is Sunday morning and so I am doing a little baking-a loaf of bread and a pan of fudge. All of the instructions (from two different sources) are given in both metric and U.S. measurement units. It makes the task reasonable.
When driving through Montreal or Quebec City, I have often wondered how people who do not speak French manage with unilingual (French) signage.
Now we have the City of Guelph engineer responsible for such things saying that the signage on our unreasonably low (What driver expects a long standing bridge to somehow become lower?) will be signed in metric units only because that is “all the law requires.”
Really? Is that the best we, the City of Guelph, can do?  ME



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5 responses to “a bridge too low

  1. Dis-a-Ray Antiques

    We gave them more than we should have, ($8 million +), longer than we should have, (2 years behind schedule,) and somehow we end up with LESS than we had before? And then the brains behind it all get promoted instead of fired? And the funny thing is that next election we’ll still vote the same or more likely not at all.

  2. Don

    I can’t believe people are still complaining about metric. Canada went metric in about 1976 people. Instructions with metric and imperial are for products to be sold in Canada and the US. I get owners manuals that come in English , French , Spanish and Chinese but that doesn’t mean we need those languages on street signs. Fudge is not baking.

  3. ogray

    Boo. I can and do use metric but my somewhat older brain still converts to imperial for more complete understanding. A recipe written in metric only is almost impossible for me to tackle. By the way, I have a fudge recipe that requires some oven use; I call that baking. Your last comment was rude and not funny!

    • Don

      It’s not a recipe it’s a road sign. The city is not asking people to do metric conversion as they drive down the road. Before anyone pulls out on to the road in a big truck they should know how tall it is. They certainly shouldn’t be doing the math as they drive toward the bridge. In a country which is officially metric it is only reasonable to expect truck drivers to know the height of their vehicles in metric. The Ontario Highway Traffic Safety Act uses metric not imperial.

      • Dis-a-Ray Antiques

        Totally letting off the hook the idiots who went over-budget and over-schedule (by 2 years!) to give us something that is LESS than we had before.And forgetting that a large percentage of our truck drivers make like $10 an hour because we want our goods cheaper and that half of them don’t have English as even a tenth language and that height varies depending on load and that everyone is a slavwe to their GPS. What we need is better staff, as well as better drivers.

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