Wilson Farmhouse

Differing perspectives on the Farmhouse.

Great plan for the Wilson farmhouse. We think you are pushing an amazing plan forward and wish you every success! Please continue to make the entire city win here, rather than give in to the wishes of a few, very vocal, residents who can’t see for the forest for the trees.
You have our support. MW


Word on the street is that you now want to spend thousands of our tax dollars to use the old Wilson farmhouse as an information centre for private business for environmental study. You will notice in your email below that you assured me that you have always had the position that this land where the farmhouse stands should remain in the public realm, as in a public park. Do you suggest the city upgrade the building for private use??!! Have you changed your tune? If so, I and many voters in this ward will not forget your flip flop, and we will do everything in our power to be sure you do not represent us after the next election in 2014. RA



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6 responses to “Wilson Farmhouse

  1. Susan Watson

    RA, I am sick and tired of the rumour, innuendo and misinformation which seem to be intentionally circulated by a vocal minority in this neighbourhood. Why rely on the inaccurate “word on the street” when you can read the original document on this very blog at this link? https://ward2guelph.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/wilson-farmhouse-proposal-oct-22.pdf

    Your mental laziness does not give you a free pass to verbally abuse and threaten Councillor Findlay. If you are going to respectfully disagree with the content of his proposal, at least get your facts straight first. Anyone can see from reading the proposed business plan that he has worked extremely hard to find a solution which will keep the farmhouse and the land around it in the public domain and available for community use. At the same time, he has made an enormous effort to put together a business plan which will generate revenue and minimize the impact on the City’s finite financial resources.

    Some delegates at the September 30th Council meeting expressed wide-eyed incredulity that anyone could have felt bullied by Mr. Lackowicz or other members of the Northern Heights . This is just one of many posts on this blog which reveal the kind of bullying behaviour which is now commonplace in this neighbourhood.

  2. Dennis Galon

    Tough words from someone that has investiged this issue thoughly. Oh how I wish I could disagree, but I can not. The adult form of bullying can be more subtle that bullying among children, but for all that, it is, you know, still intimidation.

  3. Kevin Huinink

    Let’s remember here, the many words of intimidation spoken toward Councillors during the delegation speeches as we heard from more than 30 on this issue. I was shocked at the abuse they took and the warnings they heard about losing their seats if they would not support a preservationist position.
    The bullying card has been played on both sides in this debate. Let’s not mix up passion and bullying. Emotions are riding high, and we also need to honour each side and the fact that they have a vested interest in the outcome of this decision.
    I can speak to the accusations of Mr. Lackowitz. He knows my position as one to be for the removal of the Wilson Farmhouse. He let me know that I would have an opportunity to speak as a delegation, if I wished, but also told me that I had better be respectful and civil if I did. Mr. Lackowitz is passionate about this issue. It does not, however, make him a bully an more than anyone stating their case on this issue.
    A bit of clear thinking by an outside party is almost in order here.
    When we descend to mud slinging (and yes, calling someone a bully is also a form of mud-slinging), it’s time to cool our jets and start acting civil again.

  4. Jim H.

    So another $500,000 of TAXPAYER money devoted to ANOTHER white elephant that the City will soon own and be pouring even more of our money into. Animal infested and mold invested properties should be torn down……anyone who doesn’t think so must also believe in the Easter Bunny.

  5. palmer s


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