Councillor Piper’s Wilson Farmhouse motion


a) Councillor Piper’s Notice of Motion for which notice was given September 30, 2013:
That staff be directed to issue a Request for Expressions of Interest for the sale or lease of 80 Simmonds Drive (Wilson Farmhouse) for a period of 120 days for community use or residential use (including its permitted uses under the Zoning By-law).

And that staff report back at a future meeting of Council all Expressions of Interest received, for evaluation and further direction.

And that, if no Expressions of Interest are received, or deemed appropriate by Council for further consideration, that the farmhouse at 80 Simmonds Drive be demolished and its materials, where possible, be salvaged for reuse or recycling.



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3 responses to “Councillor Piper’s Wilson Farmhouse motion

  1. Dennis Galon

    Simple, brilliant, straightforward–something all parties ought to be able to support.

    For those who would like to see this heritage property preserved, it is time to put up or shut up. Either there is a plan out there that can capture people’s imagination or there isn’t; and if there isn’t, it is time to stop resisting the mood of many in the area who want the building removed.

    For those who have already decided they want his heritage property taken down, what possible reason could there be for not finding out whether someone has a community use plan that just might contribute significant value to the neighbourhood?

    I sure hope people understand that this motion does not committee Council to accept “the best” of the project proposed. “None of the above” is a legitimate Council response.

    To date, the problem with the decision process has been that there were concrete options actually on the table to be considered.

    • Kevin Huinink

      Dennis, thank you for your comments here.
      I also would support this motion, although I wonder about the process by which council would evaluate the proposals. My hope is that they would bring on competent counsel to assist them in this as many beautiful dreams exist, but not all of them are achievable.
      If council would be able to pull on qualified non-partisan experts who have no stake in the current scenario to assist them in assessing the relative viability of proposals at the end of the 120 days, I would see no reason but to support this motion.
      It certainly puts a lid on this thing continuing to spiral into infinity and beyond.

      • Dennis Galon

        I think it is reasonably clear what will happen, Kevin, if this motion passes. Staff will issue the request, projects will come it, staff will push for as much clarity as possible, and will then make recommendations to Council. Council will hear from all of us and from the proponents, and Council will make a decision.

        If there is nothing but pipe dreams, and desires to entangle the city in funding hobby horses are on the table, then they will all get turned down. I am confident of this; and I gather you are not. My confidence is based on a pretty good feel for many individual councillors. There are more than enough of them determined to not let the city get caught in anything that could backfire politically by failing and costing the city money, that anything like that will not pass, period. At this point in their mandate, they are all pretty experienced, and are thinking about the next election. There is just enough time between now and that election for anything “stupid” to fail, or be about to fail; and no politician want that aound their neck. So…only something solid and serious has a chance of being accepted.

        In short, Kevin, I doubt any sort of outside selection committee will be set up, but this doesn’t concern me in the least. This council is well enough balanced between left and right to guarantee nothing foolish gets a nod.

        BTW, glad to know you are on board with this motion. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Council heard from folks on both sides urging them to support Councillor Leanne Piper’s motion? That would sure change the atmosphere in town, and perhaps shock the media?

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