‘City aims for 3.4% tax increase’

A taxpayers perspective.

When I read the above headline in the October 18th Guelph Mercury, I was disgusted, annoyed and compelled to write this e-mail. Yet again taxes are going up!!

What happened to ‘Zero based budgeting’? The target should be zero percent and all departments need to be told to get as close to this as possible and they better have a very solid argument if they cannot get there.

Councils have been far too free in spending ratepayers’ money. Lots of the “must haves” are really just wants or cosmetic improvements. St George’s Square is a prime example of this. Someone has a hare-brained idea and makes it sound like a need. It is NOT required to be changed! It works fine the way it is!. Don’t waste my money on it.

Taxes on my property have increased by $1120.00 or 34% in the 8 years we have lived in this home. As a senior, I am on a fixed income which is significantly lower than prior to my retirement. I cannot go to my former employer and demand an increase because expenses have gone up. It is fixed!

Every increase in taxes, hydro rates, and fuel, takes food off the table.

Seems like all levels of government are the same. We’ll just raise taxes to pay for it even if we are wasting the money! A few examples – 1. Gas plant shut down …only 40 to 50 million, spoken with tongue in cheek …it really was close to a billion. McGuinty’s liberals don’t take any responsibility. We’ll just increase the off-peak rate. Did you take lessons from McGuinty?

2. The Guelph police station needs an upgrade – only a few million ——- oops! Maybe it needs to be ten times that too!

3. Then there is the Wyndham Street upgrade. This project had to be stopped before final paving due to insufficient clearance for the fire trucks. The road bed was lowered to provide the clearance but now the bridge is still too low for transport trucks to fit under. Who is paying for this big mistake? Road design for all vehicles has a well documented criteria. Was this designed in-house or by one of the grade schools kids? To make it right will cost several millions again and the pavement has only recently been placed!! 

In the Toronto Star Weekend editions, I regularly read ‘homes for sale’ ads where taxes are under $4500 for a $750,000 to $900,000 homes of 1800 to 2000 square feet — very nice looking homes in decent neighbourhoods! Why are our taxes so high..$4400 on a $350,000 home?

You keep saying that you want to make the city more senior friendly ——- but every year you make it less so! Just how are you planning to help Guelph’s seniors? What will you do for your faithful senior citizens? What are you planning to do to keep your seniors in this fair city? Maybe we should look for more friendly cities where we can spend our last years and be able to enjoy ourselves without fear of being taxed to death!  BJ



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4 responses to “‘City aims for 3.4% tax increase’

  1. gvip1290

    Totally agree. All levels of government are not getting the message and just keep piling on debt. They forget they work for us and they should have integrity in their job. Maybe we the paying public need to stand up in unison together and say enough is enough and have an organized massive tax revolt at every level of taxation, municipal, provincial, federal. We need to cut off the supply of this waste!

    • O Gray

      Agree. Those people who can give themselves raises to pay the higher taxes and other increased costs don’t even think about those of us on fixed incomes. They keep making us poorer and poorer. Enough IS enough!

  2. NR

    What’s the current cost of living increase? Is this even close to being comparable?

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