Cell Towers & the Guelph Civic League

More about cell towers.

“Are Cell Towers Safe?” On the Guelph Civic League website, I’ve posted a write-up on the big picture of our ever-increasing exposure to electromagnetic radiation – not just from cell towers, but Smart Metres, Wifi, cordless phones and more. I hope you’ll read it: http://guelphcivicleague.org/long-read-3-are-all-these-cell-towers-safe/

Ultimately, it would great if we all worked together toward a safer technological environment.SL


Please take into consideration the health of our children. Their health and well-being should be our first priority. I have a 5 year old son and am concerned about the effects EMR on him. There is very little information and research out there and this is very disheartening for parents who only want to bring healthy and happy children into this world which they will inherit someday. Please take the time to study this technology and its effect on our children.LT


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