Wilson Farm House

A resident’s question to me.

As a resident of Ward 2 I am surprised at your lack of support for the Northern Heights citizen wishes that the Wilson Farm House park be confirmed as a park in its entirety, which was the developer’s deal with the City. Local citizens conducted a survey – none was ever undertaken by the City – and the results overwhelmingly supported the entire block as a park. No ifs ands or buts. Comments from people outside the Ward don’t carry much weight with me and I certainly would not have the hubris to tell people in a different ward what their local preferences should be.

I spoke on behalf of demolition at City Hall and firmly believe that is the best course of action for two principal reasons. The farm house is a marginal heritage property with the structure deteriorating monthly. Some $36,000 has been spent to date and for what good end? You at one meeting stated that it is demolition by neglect. I agree, but you and Councils have been responsible for the neglect and I suspect the same situation applies to other stranded properties around Guelph. This leads to my second reason. The heritage process by designating marginal properties, which are not properly maintained post designation and probably neglected for a period before designation, contributes to a misallocation of scarce resources and a disregard for ratepayers.DD


“Wilson Farm House park be confirmed as a park in its entirety” is exactly my position. ian


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  1. Don

    Your comment is an act of hubris. The stated purpose of the “Ontario Heritage Act” , is to receive, acquire and hold property in trust for the people of Ontario. In other words, sometimes there is an inherent cultural value to properties that serves the greater good of the people of the province or community who don’t necessarily live across the road from the property in question. Arguing that this property does not deserve that designation is one thing. Arguing that people should have no say in the future of properties that are not in their ward is another thing altogether. By your logic if the residents of Water St. would prefer to bulldoze John McCraes house, that would be none of your business.

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