Follow-up from October 7 public meeting re Riverside Glen

From Riverside Glen.

I want to provide a brief update on several follow-up actions we are undertaking following the Oct 7 public meeting.

1) We have now completed work that started 4 weeks ago to have a 100% separated ventilation system for the health centre. We proceeded with this work despite the fact we originally proposed to complete it as part of the new design.
2) We have consented to a facilitator to assist with discussions and have proposed to the LHIN some names of persons who would be both impartial and knowledgeable about LTC homes.
3) We have retained Dr Mark Loeb (Michael Degroote Chair in Infectious Diseases at McMaster University, Division Director for Infectious Diseases in the Department of Medicine and Head of Service, Infectious Diseases at Hamilton Health Sciences) to perform an independent, objective, expert and thorough review of our current and proposed IPAC practices related to the living classroom and health centre. Dr Loeb was at Riverside today doing the on-site portion of his review.
4) We are assembling additional, clarifying information to address a great deal of misinformation that was presented at the public meeting and will be submitting this package to planning staff and members of council.
5)We are meeting with Sylvia Kirkwood (Tues Oct 22) to review the above package of information, discuss the planning issues of this application and determine what additional information we need to provide for her to develop the staff report.
6) I have contacted and had a phone discussion with the Chair of the Board of Public Health. We are arranging to do a presentation at the November 6 board meeting subject to availability on the agenda.
7) We have instructed our traffic engineers, Paradigm, to conduct a further, in depth traffic and parking study to augment the work that was performed and submitted as part of our rezoning application. We will then meet with our Foxwood/Parkside neighbours to discuss additional traffic calming measures etc that could be considered.
8) We are assembling a list of other LTC’s in the province which have health clinics/centres in them/attached to them.

These are some of the follow-up activities underway which I wanted to keep you apprised of. Please feel free to contact me if you would like additional information on this matter.


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