moratorium on cell towers

More on cell towers.

Dear Minister Ambrose, i am concerned about risks to health of Ontario residents from electromagnetic radiation. I am convinced that the safety code governing em exposure is inadequate, and I call upon you to place a moratorium on installation of new cell phone towers until Safety Code 6 is reviewed by an impartial body and updated. Safety must come first.SW


I know these towers are not good to be around people. I am questioning why I have just found out recently about this and there was no mail to explain what is going to happen in 2014 with this Bell Tower just in my backyard. I know it causes cancer, but I am willing to hear what is good about this Cell tower from you other then money. I have two young children who live super close and who go to school super close, I know Cancer and disease is growing rapidly already in young children for other reasons.. Please tell me why I should not worry about this cell tower Thank you KM



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2 responses to “moratorium on cell towers

  1. ken brown

    Here you go, a reason not to worry

    A report based on 60 research papers over the last 11 years

  2. John

    This report talks about user exposure to radiation from cellphones. How is it germane to a discussion about cellphone towers?

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