Meeting about Smart Metres & Smart Grid

An invitation.

My apologies for the late notice on this, but I would like to invite you all to a brainstorming session on how best to battle the issue of Smart Metres and Ontario’s Smart grid implementation, Tuesday October 15 at 7pm. (That’s tonight, if you’re reading this after Thanksgiving.)

Smart Meters emit huge amounts of toxic radiation into our homes and bodies every 30 seconds. We’re not only affected by our SM’s but also our neighbours as the stream of data runs from one house to the next on a “mesh network”, up to a collection box that’s actually sometimes on someone’s unsuspecting home. And while 90% of smart meters may have been installed already, the gas meters, thermostats, hot water, water supply and appliances have not – yet. The Phase 2 report of Ontario’s Smart grid implementation has been released with the goal of converting every house to a SMART house by 2015. That’s just a year away. Imagine all the electromagnetic radiation we will be exposed to in our own homes! It will make cell towers seem like a walk in the park.

Last month I presented to the Standing Committee of the City Planning, Engineering and Environment departments with regard to the cell towers and electromagnetic radiation. Among things, I asked that the city to update its communication tower policy and put a moratorium on all cell towers until Safety Code 6 is reviewed. The issue has gone to staff and now we’re waiting.

Meanwhile, the Smart Metre and Smart Grid issue demands action.

I do not have the lobbying experience or expertise to be able to comprehend the magnitude of the bureaucracy and red tape that must be overcome, especially when legislation has been passed that specifically directs the Province to implement the Smart Grid program, BUT I do believe, while watching other countries celebrate their victories, that a major campaign is needed to win this battle and protect life. I need your help. Please come out, share your thoughts and expertise.

This meeting won’t be an information session so much as it will be a brainstorming session. With the launch of the documentary “Take Back Your Power” we’re looking for ways to not just screen the movie, but to harness and direct the energy of people that are moved to do something about it.

I will be meeting with David McAuley (prominent Guelph architect, working on a sustainable community), Rob Metzinger, (Electronics Engineering Technologist, president of Safe Living Technologies,, Todd White (executive director of CRINS, helping municipalities to adopt a best possible communication tower protocol, and campaign supporter Tracey Manton. In addition, Frank Clegg, the CEO of, Canadians for Safe Technology, who is unable to attend in person, will be calling in.

Please let me know if you can make it, and if so, please be sure to watch “Take Back Your Power” ahead of time: it can be watched online at for just $5.

The meeting will take place at David McAuley’s office at 360 Woolwich St. SL



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5 responses to “Meeting about Smart Metres & Smart Grid

  1. Steve

    Ian, do these blog posts represent your personal opinion and official policy position on these matters? When you say “Smart Meters emit huge amounts of toxic radiation into our homes and bodies every 30 seconds. ” are those your words and your beliefs?

  2. Steve

    Didn’t catch that…thanks.
    I guess that makes me feel a little better, but I’m still concerned that my elected representative is putting this misinformation on his blog.

    • Don

      l’m not concerned. The best way to discredit a fool is to let him speak and they know that. The fastest way for an elected official to discredit their own blog is censorship.

  3. ianward2

    Thanks Steve and Don.
    I always support the diversity of opinion and critical thinking.

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