Follow up re Riverside Glen

A resident’s comments.

I am pleased you recognize that the test is not just related to how the current tenants are using the building but rather what would be the impacts that the approvals would allow.
In this case the impacts of ~ 116 students is having a significant negative impact on the residents, neighbours and family trying to visit.
The approval would allow up to 250 students to attend classes of any kind at any time.
This would mean a doubling in current parking and traffic problems.
For the medical clinic the current zoning is for none and there are currently over 2000 patients on one doctors roster.
Approval of a medical clinic would allow 3 or more practitioners.
Imagine the impact of servicing over 6000 patients at this location.
Even if the approval was for a medical office for up to two doctors this would mean a doubling in patient traffic.

The good news is that both the college and doctor acknowledged that they do not need to be in the long term care home to fulfill their mandates.
It was also good of the doctor to acknowledge that he could relocate his practice without negatively impacting his patients. MB


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