Riverside Glenn Health Centre Re-Zoning Application Update

From the Health Care provider.

Just a quick update to let you know that the work which has been undertaken over the last several weeks to achieve 100% fresh air into the Health Centre space (ie. no re-circulated air) was completed yesterday by our mechanical contractor. This work was actually proposed as part our July 15 building permit application plans which features the separate entrance and elevator for the Health Centre. However, we went ahead and initiated this work as an act of good faith.
Sylvia, we’ll forward the certification documentation once we receive it.
The door from the Health Clinic waiting room to the LTC ‘Main Street’ corridor is a required emergency egress but will be magnetically locked and will only release in the event of a fire alarm. (I believe the lock will only release when the alarm goes into second stage ie. when there is an actual fire and will not release for a fire alarm test or false alarm.)

The barrier free washroom will be located within the Health Centre so that no one needs to leave the clinic for this purpose. Presently the Health Centre washroom is effectively barrier free but it does have a slight door encroachment which the installation of an automatic opener will resolve as part of the proposed plan.

We are planning to provide a package to Staff by hopefully the end of next week or latest the start of the week of Oct 21 which will include supplemental information and clarifications. I will ask our architect to clarify in his submission exactly how the magnetic lock will function when there is a fire alarm.  BS


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