External review of Infection control at Riverside Glen

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We mentioned last Monday evening at the public meeting that we have asked Dr. Mark Loeb to conduct an independent external review of infection control practices at Riverside Glen especially as they relate to student engagement with residents and clinic patients on-site. This email is to let you know that he is scheduled to come to Riverside Glen next week (Oct 16, 17 or 18 – exact date to be confirmed). He plans to meet with people from Conestoga College, from the health clinic, and from the long-term care home as well as review written policies and procedures. He will prepare a report with an assessment of current practices in relation to best practices for infection control, with recommendations.

Dr. Loeb is the Michael DeGroote Chair in Infectious Diseases at McMaster University, and Division Director for Infectious Diseases in the Department of Medicine at McMaster. He is lead author of Public Health Association of Canada’s online program “Treatment and Prevention of Seasonal Flu” and has led and contributed to various Centre for Disease Control and PHAC expert panels on infectious diseases and respiratory protection in long-term care settings. JD


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