City Budget & Police ask

A resident’s perspective.

Like many people in Guelph, I am dismayed at how much the Police Capital Budget has increased for renovations ( 12 million to 34). This is ridiculous ! Whenever you travel past the station, I wonder why we have so many cruisers. . Why not have police WALKING in the DOWNTOWN at night instead of driving around. . Heaven only knows how badly the downtown area needs more surveillance. It might even help reduce the drugs and graffiti going around and the police would have a better handle on the people and happenings in this area. It might also make it a better area to have more people want to live downtown and not just on the fringe of the area (new highrise condos).

I look at my tax bill and question what I am getting for my dollars I know part of it is waste and not the kind you take to the dump. Also, the question of a meeting at 5 p.m. about Wellington between Neeve and MacDonnell is absurd for families especially the working people of this area. They would just be arriving home in many cases.

If a business ran like this where costs escalate, management would be called to explain and might even be fired. Something needs to be looked at very hard. Salaries and benefits are out of control.

Think about the Citizens and their hard earned money before you commit to spending and Debt Increases to pay for something! Do it over a longer period of time if necessary and not through issuance of debt. Our kids and grandkids deserve better than being saddled with more.  JS


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