Guelph cell tower development

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My grandmother lives at the proposed cell tower location of Grange & Starwood in Guelph and I write this letter on her behalf. There is an every growing population of young families around the proposed Grange & Starwood cell tower location. Cell towers should NOT be in residential areas and especially not near schools. There is ample barren land nearby that would make a more suitable and safe location for any proposed new cell tower. I support the proposed moratorium on cell towers in Guelph until Safety Code 6 is properly reviewed for health risks of EMR exposure. There are plenty of examples around the world of “cancer clusters” around cell towers. Let’s not bury our heads in the sand and please err on the side of caution and not solely for industry and economics. Please hear the communities concerns on this issue and conduct a full and proper review of all safety and health risks before proceeding with this UNWANTED cell tower location. I know you will do the right thing for the people you represent. RV


I support the proposed moratorium on cell towers in Guelph until Safety Code 6 is properly reviewed for the health risks of EMR exposure. Guelph please protect our children from EMR exposure. These towers do no belong near schools or residential neighbourhoods! TP


To the people responsible for our safety: ENOUGH! We do not need another cell tower in our area. There are enough. there is no need for each phone companies to waste time and money on another tower and until there is proof – REAL PROOF that there is no danger to my family, I do not want to see another tower go up. There is NO benefit to anyone (except financially to the owner of the property) to have another tower. When are you going to start putting the safety and well-being of PEOPLE before profits. The money you are making from these towers is goin go to amount to nothing when you take into consideration the health cost you are going to be facing in the 5-15 years from the negative effects of these towers. Perhaps it is easy to slept today on the piles of money you are making off these towers, but I do not know how you can have a clear conscience about putting peoples lives in danger everyday. STOP THE BUILD! SUPPORT A HEALTHIER CANADA! PT


Stop the Bell Tower At Grange & Starwood, there are many other places this could be located too… Close to 2/3 schools in the near future… this is crazy that this could be approved!!!KC


I cannot believe that you, our public officials, are allowing Bell Canada to erect a Cell Tower in a very populated area blocks from two elementary schools which is proven to be harmful to the public’s health. As elected officials, you are responsible and are accountable to the public NOT to BIG business! Please step up to the plate and act responsibly before it’s too late. Furthermore, I’ve just read about Guelph city council voting on a bylaw to ban smoking on public owned property, yet, you are willing to allow the erection of a harmful cell tower near schools and a busy strip mall….duh!!!! Shameful….AL


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  1. Whoa, things just got a whole lot eaiers.

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