Comments on Wellington Street Reconstruction (between Neeve and Macdonnell)

A resident’s comments on an Engineering project.

Thanks for telling me about the proposed reconstruction of Wellington Street between Neeve and MacDonnell at the Open House last week. Below are my comments on this project:

1) Open House Timing
• Having this meeting between 5pm and 7pm precluded the participation of many citizens who have families and must be home after work for dinner.
• Informing the public and council less than two months before construction starts, makes a mockery of meaningful consultation. How will great suggestions be implemented when engineering and planning had, most likely, made up their minds before the September 25th open house consultation took place? Is there still time for city council and staff to make substantial changes?

2) Creating a Human Friendly Multi-Modal Corridor and Gateway
I was dismayed to hear that this section of Wellington (between Neeve and MacDonnell) is being returned to its current 4-lane design after being torn up and reconstructed. There is a great opportunity to expand/widen sidewalk (esp. on northwest side) and add bike lanes and parking to slow down traffic. All this would take is some paint so changes in the future can easily be made (ie. after new development is completed).MC


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