Wilson Farmhouse

A resident’s comments.

I watched with much frustration, the Council meeting of Monday, September 30, 2013 with regards to the Wilson Farmhouse discussions/debates. We are all citizens of Guelph and do want what is best for our city, but when the City decided to neglect this property some years ago which led to the decay it is now in, while at the same time using abundant tax dollars of its citizens on what I feel, some non-essential and extravagant projects, why the interest now in saving this derelict building? Not all of it is historic, just a window and gables which I’m sure can be used wherever to acknowledge any history associated to it. Those of you councillors who spoke so strongly in support of saving this building, and apart from Councillor Findlay, do not live in Ward 2, think again on your opinions. One of the delegations who spoke in support of the Farmhouse and does not live in Ward 2, also spoke to you on a separate issue, the Imico sight and how he has to look at the mess there, well just look at what the neighbours have to look at the Wilson Farmhouse. The motions put forward by a few councillors to advertise the sale and removal of this building at no expense to taxpayers were dismissed, why I don’t understand. Many years ago this was done with the house that belonged to the Gilbert MacIntyre Funeral Home on Dublin Street with much success, I supported that. I sincerely hope you all meet and discuss this matter in a civilized manner and consider the taxpayers of this city that you are elected to serve, and to also remember, we are in a large deficit.   AM


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