Wilson Farmhouse

A Ward 2 resident’s comments.

I write to share my concerns about the fate of the Wilson Farmhouse. I share the following concerns with the author, Susan Watson.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback to the staff report on the Wilson Farm Park – Farmhouse.

My concern is that, if executed, the recommendations in the staff report would:

1) Violate a specific provision in the Official Plan which enshrines protection of the Wilson Farmhouse

2) Violate the Heritage objectives of the Official Plan, specifically section 3.5 on Cultural Heritage Resources.

3) Violate City By-laws – specifically the Demolition Control By-law.

4) Violate the City’s Guiding Principles for Community Engagement

5) Violate the Major Goal (5) of the City’s Official Plan “to ensure efficient use of public
expenditures without excessive financial strain upon the City.”

Let us proceed with action that makes Guelph a good place to live, where what makes us unique and special is honoured and protected, both in terms of civic practice and physical and cultural heritage.SS



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3 responses to “Wilson Farmhouse

  1. Anne MacLean

    Ian, why after all the years of CITY NEGLECT, would you have us taxpayers burdened even more by sinking money into restoring a building which is in such a dilapidated condition? I live in this ward, not beside the Wilson Farmhouse (thank goodness), but I am totally against my already heavily taxed dollars contributing to this building. If you want it saved, what is the problem with advertising for someone to buy it and move it?

    • ianward2

      Thanks Anne. I never suggested using taxpayers money to restore or operate a neighbourhood community centre.
      Looking at other funding models.

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