Resident’s comments.

Hello I live near the corner of Grange and Starwood in Guelph and am concerned about the cell tower that has been proposed. I am a mother of 2 young children and live in a neighborhood filled with young children. I believe that the research to date shows that we should be cautious about having cell towers close to where children live, play and learn. I believe that the risk to us and especially our children is unacceptable. SC


Please for the health of all the citizens in this area Do Not locate a cell tower at Starwood.and Grange in Guelph On. The studies done have shown a tremendous incidence of cancer to the people living in areas with cell towers. Why would you even think of locating one in our neighbourhood with 2 and soon 3 schools right nearby. It doesn’t make any sense and I can’t figure out how it was approved in the first place. Please find another location which is more remote for the health and safety of the Canadian citizens and your constituents who live here. This is not a request. I am imploring on you to let common sense prevail. RG


To my fellow leaders of Guelph and area. First I am surprised that it has come to this. I hope you have taken an interest in this project, and feel the same way many concerned East Side residents do. Please do the research first before allowing this tower to be assembled. Thanks Lynn Vanschaik Help stop the proposed cell tower at Grange & Starwood in Guelph. Cell towers do NOT belong in residential neighbourhoods and certainly not near schools * I support the proposed moratorium on cell towers in Guelph until Safety Code 6 is properly reviewed for health risks of EMR exposure * If Austria, China and India can all enjoy fine cell phone reception at 100 times less the EMR exposure, so could and should Canada. Let Guelph send a message by saying NO to more cell towers until Safety Code 6 is reviewed. * There are enough examples around the world of “cancer clusters” around cell towers. Let’s err on the side of caution! * Protect our children, EMR penetrates the heads of children far deeper than adults and is linked with leukemia, autism and permanent DNA damage. * I’m concerned about the health of my family in this city of ever increasing cell towers and electromagnetic radiation exposure. PS. Here is presentation done in Oakville last year by leading experts Magda and Rob Metzinger in effort to stop antennas from going on a local firehall. It’s long, but insightful. LV


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