Construction starting at South End Community Park

The City will be undertaking construction of new washroom facilities and a splash pad at South End Community Park starting Wednesday, October 2.
“The final design for the washroom facility includes separate male and female washroom areas, and two universal washroom facilities which are fully accessible and can be used as family change areas. The design also includes individual accessible stalls in both the male and female washrooms”, explained Mario Petricevic, general manager of Corporate Building Maintenance.
This project will include the construction of new washroom facilities and a splash pad, the widening of the existing stone laneway, landscaping, and the construction of two barrier-free parking spaces.
The community feedback received as part of the April 10, 2013 public open house and online survey, enabled the City to determine the preferred water features for the splash pad, and the layout for the washroom and change room facility.
In 2003, City Council approved a splash pad as part of a master plan for South End Community Park. With funding in place and an approved design, the construction of the splash pad and washroom facility is ready to begin. The City plans to open the new facility in the summer of 2014.


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