Wilson Farmhouse chronology

A resident’s comment’s

The Wilson farmhouse story has been a long and winding one. I have encountered frequent disagreement as to the sequence of events and what was decided. To organize my own thinking, I have compiled the following information from City reports and documents. I hope it will also serve to clarify your own understanding. Please feel free to verify this information with City staff before this evening’s meeting to flag any errors.   SW

Wilson Farmhouse chronology:

2001 Victoria Rd. N. Secondary Plan is incorporated into the City’s Official Plan through OPA 11 and approved by the OMB

September 6, 2002. Council endorses the Draft Plan of Subdivision containing the Ingram Farmhouse and surrounding lands.

December 16, 2005. The City of Guelph becomes the legal owner of the Wilson Farmhouse.

September 17, 2007. Council passed the following resolutions:

THAT staff be directed to prepare an Expression of Interest for the reuse/redevelopment of the Ingram Farm House consistent with the parameters outlined in the report dated September 7, 2007

AND THAT Staff report back with respect to the results of this process by late 2007;

AND THAT staff be directed to initiate a joint public consultation process for the development of a master plan for 595 Victoria Road formerly known as the Ingram Farmhouse and surrounding parkland;

Early 2009. Requests for Expression of Interest are published. 2 bids received, 2 withdrawn.

April 26, 2010. Council votes unanimously:

“THAT staff be directed to offer the Ingram Farmhouse property for sale in the open market and report back to Council, in-camera, with the results and recommendations;

THAT staff be directed to request that Heritage Guelph prepare the necessary information in regard to designating the Ingram Farmhouse and property under the Ontario Heritage Act”;

February 28, 2011. Council votes unanimously to proceed with designation of the Wilson Farmhouse.

March 31, 2011. The City of Guelph publishes Notice of Intent to Designate.

April 29, 2011. Mr. Mike Lackowicz appeals the Notice of Intent to Designate to the Conservation Review Board of Ontario.

July 25, 2011 The following resolutions are adopted by Council:

“THAT the matter approved by City Council relating to the 80 Simmonds Drive (the Wilson/Ingram Farmhouse) property at the Council meeting of April 26, 2010 regarding the severance and sale of building and property be re-considered;
THAT the matter approved by City Council relating to the 80 Simmonds Drive (the Wilson/Ingram Farmhouse) property at the Council meeting of September 25, 2010 regarding the development of a Parks Master Plan be re-considered”;
A resolution to reconsider Heritage Designation of the Wilson Farmhouse is defeated.

(If I understand correctly, the first two resolutions were adopted because the appeal is now under way.)

2012 Park construction

July, 2012 Installation of park program completed

June 4 & 5, 2012 The hearing of the Conservation Review Board is conducted.

October 29, 2012. The Conservation Review Board issues its decision regarding the Wilson farmhouse.

November 5, 2012. The City received the report and recommendations of the Conservation Review Board.

2013 Play structure open and sport field permitted.

September 30th, 2013. The matter of the Wilson Farmhouse returns to City Council.


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