Wilson farmhouse

A resident’s comments.

I live at xxxxx, which is located on the west side of the park and farmhouse in question. Like All my neighbours around the perimeter of the park, I was required to pay a premium on my Lot to the tune of about $10,000 for the privilege of living across from a park. This I am sure would mean paying higher property TAXES as well. While it is well documented the City “dropped the ball” with regards to the original intent of the future use of the Farmhouse I think it is ridiculous to have even considered the farmhouse as private residence. Where else in Guelph, do we have a private residence on a public park? Such a precedent is unacceptable.
The farmhouse is indeed a dangerous eyesore and should be removed without further delay. I am all for heritage but this is gone way beyond salvaging for ANY community use, as per the original plan. I repeat, please have it taken down, before it falls down. I am totally in favour of the City Staff’s recommendations. Yours sincerely as a City of Guelph taxpayer, BB


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