Wilson Farm House

A resident’s perspective.

If a City Council makes a decision, they need to uphold it. This is in regards to the Wilson Farm House and the study that was supposed to have been done.

The Wilson Farm House has heritage status. This house is valuable. I am appalled that citizens took the initiative to determine the house’s status when I would think a City would take such action before determining it’s destiny.

There is so much open space at Wilson Farm Park. There is no need for more open space at that park.

The park is far from meeting the shade criteria. The shade from the trees surrounding the house is valuable, protecting people on hot days. Evergreen has developed a “shade tool”. I suggest you look into this criteria.

It is my understanding that some of the local citizens don’t want the house. These people are more than likely uninformed and uneducated about the benefits of keeping the house and surrounding trees. I suggest you come up with a plan of action to educate and inform the local and surrounding residents of the benefits of the house remaining on the property. Engage the community to see how the house could serve the community as well as others.

A park with a house on it is rare. A park with a heritage home on it is even more rare.

The Wilson Farm house connects the name of the park, Wilson Farm Park, with its source. It reminds people of the precious land that was there before it was developed.

Some parks have a building on it. The Wilson Farm House holds so much potential for it’s community. Some possibilities include:
– community events
– community meals
– hold fundraisers for the community, the park, etc
– Farmer’s Market
– workshops for the residents
– museum
– a space for classes, courses or programs
– garden plots with access to house for processing
– other

With a heritage home that holds character and charisma, keeping the house is a way of taking pride in what has gone before.

Think twice and then think again if you have not considered leaving and maintaining the Wilson Farm House. And I hope you have visited this heritage home.

Think potential and possibility. CK


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