Thank you Mayor, Council and Administrative Officers

A residents response to last evening’s meeting.

September 30 was a very long night, but also an impressive demonstration of a very hard working, dedicated and impressive Council and staff. More Guelph residents should attend Council Meetings to see what you do on their behalf. The outcome of the vote on the Advisory Committee Motion was very satisfactory from the Fair Tax Campaign-Guelph point of view and we very much appreciated our opportunity for a hearing. The attachments are the 5 presentations made by our Committee members, and are made available to you for your information and for you to be able to check facts should you wish.On a side note, I personally found the debate by citizens and Councillors over the restoration or demolition of the Wilson Park farmhouse, riveting, emotional and self-conflicting. I saw highly invested and emotional councillors turn themselves into pretzels to try and make this work in the best interests for all parties. Obviously the solution isn’t going to satisfy everyone and no matter what Council does, it will end up wearing this decision. I live in the north-east end and walk my dog up the Royal Recreational Trail on a daily basis and often cut over to the park and by the Wilson farm house. Going into the debate I believed the farmhouse to be interesting which is what you say about something that’s not beautiful, but there’s something about you like anyway. The farmhouse is not uncommon and in derelict condition, but it does have local historical significance. My bias before the debate, would have been to throw money at the problem and restore it.
After hearing all sides, I’m just as conflicted as Council, and I think I could have found reason to vote for and against on almost every one of your votes. I don’t envy your jobs or responsibility, but I sure do appreciate the effort you put in to try to do the right thing for your citizens. I woke up this morning with visions of farm house solutions (that’s an e-mail for another time) which is surprising considering the elation I went to bed with for being listened to by Council.

On a lighter note, I have been walking with a cane for over week and dealing with chronic lower back pain from a compressed disk with occasional spasms of acute pain. Last night I had a good night’s sleep for the first time in weeks and when I got up this morning, I was pain free. Six hours in Council chambers cured me. Who knew? Thank you, thank you, thank you. In fact, I took the first walk with my dog in weeks. I took the cane, but rarely used it. I went by the Wilson farmhouse with a whole new appreciation. Thank you. TP


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