Wilson Farmhouse….creative thinking needed!

Originally sent to Councillors Hofland and Laidlaw.

I find it quite distressing to see how this heritage farmhouse was left by the developer [with staff approval I assume], perched high and with much of its heritage landscape removed or truncated. It could have been a focal point of the neighbourhood, ….and perhaps still can with some creative thinking.

No doubt there are options that would cost the city little [or even less than demolition!] and could serve some neighbourhood function as well as maintain the local heritage of place that this house radiates. Demolition without first examining the options is unacceptable! I understand that there is a proposal from Habitat for Humanity. Perhaps there is an option such as renting a concession for a park tea room on the first floor, restoration of the interior with photos from the museum, wash rooms, and perhaps apartment rentals upstairs!—with Habitat for Humanity doing much of the restoration work in partnership with the city. Get the community involved, get the Museum involved, do some serious creative thinking and then do the financial math! Just erasing the last remnants of our local history is unacceptable!   JA


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