Wilson Farmhouse

A resident’s comments.

I am writing you with respect to the Wilson farmhouse for several reasons.

I am concerned and baffled by the events surrounding the city’s notice of intent to designate this property and the subsequent appeal to the Conservation Review Board by a representative of Northern Heights neighbourhood. Even though the board rejected the appeal on the grounds that the farmhouse and surrounding property was worthy of designation, the final staff report recommends demolition. Guelph has made significant progress in its attempts to preserve its heritage buildings. I don’t understand how council, given the Conservation Review Board’s ruling, can even be contemplating demolition.

In addition, if council approves demolition of a structure worthy of a heritage designation, the ability of the city to designate and preserve heritage buildings in the future may be compromised.

I am also wondering what happened to community consultation regarding this matter. The city has strict public consultation guidelines, yet they were not followed. This sets a dangerous precedent and must be rectified. Given that heritage is a city-wide issue, a proper consultation process needs to be conducted that is open to not only the Northern Heights neighbourhood but the rest of Guelph as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my submission.  OA


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One response to “Wilson Farmhouse

  1. Dhw76

    It is my understanding that the building itself was not worthy of designation but rather a window frame and the trees.

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