Wilson Farmhouse

A resident’s comments.

My husband and I strongly feel that the decision about whether or not to tear down the Wilson Farmhouse should be postponed until all alternatives have been thoroughly explored and tried. For example, until the the city puts the property up for sale, it will not be known if there is a potential buyer who would purchase it and restore the home. The farmhouse is one of the only historical buidings in the north end of the city and every effort should be made to preserve it for future generations. There are people who live in other parts of the city who have opinions about what should happen to the farmhouse. Please be open minded to all of the possibilities. Thank you.PR



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3 responses to “Wilson Farmhouse

  1. palmer s

    I live across the street from this so called house,all I see are teenagers drinking and smoking and one ugly house,i have invested my money because city plans show that the park would have no house on it, why would I be lied to by the city of Guelph? if the house stays I want to be compensated and have my tax bill for my home at a 50% reduction.


  2. Steve

    I’m a proponent of preserving culture and heritage, but not this house. It isn’t unique or significant enough to be worth saving. There are others like it that have been “saved”, so let this one go. The neighbourhood doesn’t want it and they want the parkland it sits on. That should have been the end of it.
    Those who would save it have a hoarder mentality…they can’t bear to part with anything that has the slightest sentimental value to them. We need to be more selective in what we keep and learn to let the rest go.

  3. palmer s

    This house must be removed on the sole bases that people bought houses cause there would be a park on this site,not a library,daycare center or whatever else they are thinking of doing with,millions of dollars were invested on homes how about we respect the hard working people that bought homes around the park,we paid a premium to have a park with no barn in site cause to me this is nothing but a barn.

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