Wilson Farmhouse

A resident’s perspective.

I am a Guelph citizen supportive of protecting Guelph’s heritage buildings. It is my understanding that the Guelph Heritage Society has deemed the Wilson Farmhouse worthy of heritage status. If that is true then I am confused as to why there is any debate in city council about how to proceed. If it is worthy of heritage status then that must mean that it has intrinsic value to Guelph and its citizens, present and future. I have seen the farmhouse many times in passing. It is clearly neglected but I’ve always felt that it was an interesting building and wondered about its history. The little that I have learned about it is compelling for me partly because it reflects a piece of history, the lives of average people, that is less often celebrated. Also, I imagine that there are architectural features allowing for the house to remain standing 163 years after it was built that would be worth studying and celebrating. My guess is that if it is allowed to survive it will outlive many of the relatively new houses in the surrounding subdivision whose owners are lobbying for its demolition! One hundred years from now the story of the day will be that this building continues to stand while the surrounding pre-fab houses crumble around it. If nothing else we must, as a community, honour those things that have the strength and integrity to endure. I believe that is of value.
If it is truly in a condition that could be restored, and it meets the criteria for heritage status, then I urge all of you involved in its fate to vote in its favour at tomorrow’s council meeting.
Thank you for your consideration. LM


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