Wilson farm house

A resident’s comments.

I live in the area of the Wilson farm house.
Just coming back from a trip abroad, London, Paris and rural France I have seen what old buildings do for the landscape of a community. They are rich in history and tell a story. They enhance the landscape and can make you feel connected to its history. If the Wilson farm house is structurally sound it would be a shame to demolish it. The already flat, grass covered field is a bore to view. No rolling hills, no trees that would make a stroll pleasurable. Quite frankly it’s a sterile place surrounded by ticky tacky little boxes (houses). It would be nice if the farm house could be saved and perhaps an addition to make an art gallery or perhaps a much needed community center to fill the needs of all the new housing that has gone up in the area.
The most local community center that I am aware, Brant, does not have programing that cater to the folks living in the new housing in the area but is focused on a different socioeconomic group.
It would be nice to see a melding of the farm house history with a desire to serve the new community.    EC


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