RE: The Wilson/Ingram PARK and FARMHOUSE

A resident’s comments.

I moved into Northern Heights Neighbourhood in 2007, and since the beginning of this issue, I have made myself informed by reading all of the reports, recommendations and letters of opinions regarding the Wilson/Ingram Farmhouse, from both sides. Now, I will add my input amidst the controversy created to help clarify facts for proper decision-making.
Heritage structures kept for future reference should be good examples. This farmhouse is less than mediocre – few if any really excellent architectural aspects or features are present.
The extent of mold within, now renders it unhealthy by any standards, unless completely gutted out (enormous cost) to make it a safe home environment – especially for children in day-care. Too late.
Foresight is required to envision a large growing community’s legacy of parkland, kept intact as an entire block area, as bequeathed for public use to generations to come.
Adequate parkland always contributes to the physical and mental well-being of its surrounding citizens, enabling community-building activities; much like Exhibition parks has served Guelph.
This park currently lacks a tree shaded area for repose and reflection for our 165 neighbouring seniors, who have only this park at hand to walk to, be among the people who live here.
Please, Do Not Sever and Sell Any Part of This Park!
Please, Demolish the Farmhouse (now an obstacle out of time and place in its setting – I truly pity it).
Please Complete the Park Site by including its best feature – the possibility of gardens around and within stone ruins of the farmhouse.  NR


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