Re: farmhouse- please don’t demolish

A resident’s perspective.

Thank you for the attention you are giving to the issue of the Wilson Farmhouse. While I believe the City owes it to the neighbourhood to move forward in a timely manner on this issue and have the Wilson Farmhouse in a more acceptable condition, I am more concerned about that the process is fair and reasonable. Simply put, from my view, the issues of money and neighbourhood divisiveness are the main concern.

Concern over increased burden on taxpayers seems inconsistent with having the Wilson Farmhouse demolished, especially in relation to what the delegates in favour of demolishing the park seemed to be concerned with at the committee meeting on Sept 17th, 2013: 1)the lack of shade in the current park,(buy some trees) and 2) what might happen to the Farmhouse if it isn’t demolished- eg: a 6ft chain link fence around a private residence would certainly be unacceptable. If the farm is designated heritage, won’t there be controls on how it will look, regardless of whether it is a private residence such that the immediate neighbours’ valid concerns can be satisfied?
While I recognize the residents are divided on the issue, they are certainly mature enough to know how to respectfully disagree and move forward together if they so choose. It is the job of council, in my opinion, to do the best thing for the City of Guelph overall, while at the same time addressing those legitimate and reasonable concerns of the immediate neighbours. While I can certainly understand that neighbours may not want the traffic, noise or fences associated with a daycare, a private residence is certainly a reasonable and acceptable option if no other useful and acceptable public use can be realized.  CW


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