Wilson Farm Park 600 m from Golfview Park

A resident’s comments.

During the CSS committee meeting of September 17th, I took some notes to better understand concerns outlined by the delegates.

If what I recorded is accurate, Mrs. Betty Macgregor, a resident at Guelph Lake Commons retirement home, expressed safety concerns about seniors crossing heavy traffic on Victoria Rd. and Woodlawn Rd. Her conclusion regarding Wilson Farm Park was that “there is nothing else in the area”.

In reflecting on this statement, I remembered attending a Waldorf School picnic many years ago in another close-by neighbourhood park before the Wilson Farm Park had been completed. I went on Google Maps to verify my recollections.

According to the “Directions” function of Google maps and choosing the “walking” option, Golfview Park is 600 m from Wilson Farm Park.

Applying the same function to pedestrian travel from Guelph Lake Commons to both parks, Wilson Farm Park is 700 meters from GLC, estimated as a 9-minute walk.

Golfview Park is 900 meters from Guelph Lake Commons, estimated as an 11-minute walk. It can be accessed via Islington Avenue which is the first road south of Guelph Lake Commons off Victoria. It is not necessary to cross either Victoria Rd. or Woodlawn Rd. to access this park.

I recognize that an additional 200 meters each direction may not be insignificant for someone with mobility challenges. At the same time, I do not accept Mrs. Macgregor’s assertion that “there is nothing else in the neighbourhood.”

Golfview Park is tucked in the middle of the subdivision, so residents at Guelph Lake Commons may not be aware of its existence. One advantage is that it is a much older park and therefore has a number of mature trees offering shaded passive park use which seemed to be of most interest to Mrs. Macgregor.


In an earlier e-mail relating to the proximity of parks in the Wilson Farm park area, I quoted figures provided by the Google Maps directions function.

As I was closing down one of the pages, I noticed a glitch that has a walker from Guelph Lake Commons first travelling south and then north before the trajectory towards the park.

This will mean that the distance from GLC to Wilson Farm Park will be shorter than the 700 m quoted by Google maps which I used in my e-mail. I was unable to obtain a revised number by tinkering with the function. SW



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2 responses to “Wilson Farm Park 600 m from Golfview Park

  1. Dhw76

    I agree golfview park is there, but have you been there lately? The city cut down almost all of the trees this summer. And as for the Waldorf school, it is private property.

    • KK

      Actually the city did not cut down almost all of the trees – What they did – which was great – was remove the invasive buckthorn that was all along the side of the park – and put in some new trees and left the older healthy trees. They have not touched any of the trees in the actual park. There is now a very nice new play structure and swings. I walk through it everyday and I appreciate and understand what the city did there.

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