shared space

A resident’s comments.

I’m a resident of Ward 2 and concerned about the lack of public consultation on the Wilson Farmhouse. Although we live in a different neighborhood, my family enjoys the park as place to meet with friends. The parks in Guelph belong collectively to everyone in Guelph, supported with tax dollars. Residents in the neighborhood of the Farmhouse don’t pay disproportionately higher taxes that allow them to claim the park as their own turf. The developer of their properties could have designated a portion of the privately developed real estate for a private park; in that case, residents could rightly decide how to use their purchased piece of land. That is clearly not the case.

The Wilson Farmhouse, if renovated, would make an excellent community centre. It would provide a place for all residents to come together, a place for community functions, and a means to unify a relatively new neighborhood that lacks shared interior space. Has there been a recent formal estimate for the cost of renovating the Farmhouse?

The most democratic option, the one that respects all voices, is to provide thorough community consultation. Although I favor turning the Farmhouse into community space, I recognize that there may be realistic limitations on that option, and welcome the chance to consider all options once they have been researched thoroughly and presented publicly.

Thanks for your consideration! SG


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