Wilson farmhouse: More allegations of misrepresentation

A resident’s comments.

Further to my correspondence of Wednesday, September 25th: “Wilson farmhouse: Misrepresentation or wishful thinking?” this letter in the Guelph Tribune of Thursday, September 26th makes more allegations regarding representations made by the builder.   SW

Thursday, September, 26, 2013 – 2:02:57 PM
Farmhouse historically insignificant and danger to community
Re: “Where was due diligence, Wilson Farmhouse neighbours?” (Tribune letters, Sept. 17).

We’re not activists. We’re taxpayers who weren’t provided with honest, open, full disclosure about the future of the farmhouse.

We bought from the builder in June 2004. Jack Ingram gifted the farmhouse to the city. It cost him $40,000 when they required him to hook up to municipal water/sewage and install a retaining wall before they’d accept.

Built in the 1860s, it isn’t ‘ancient.’ It’s typical period farmhouse architecture, not unique. The almost centenarian black walnut is significantly rare or endangered. There were two others that the city allowed to be cut down.

The city also permitted the removal of the old trees along the driveway. The last one housed an owl’s nest containing hatchlings. We weren’t told. We’d have stopped it until the owls fledged. Participatory democracy?

It’s been city-owned for several years. Why wasn’t it listed on MLS if they’re so keen to reap revenues?
Squirrels and raccoons infested it long ago. Five-plus years ago it was boarded up with no light, heat or ventilation.

It’s full of mold. Estimates were $300,000-to- $500,000 to bring it up to code and make it habitable.

There have been repeated attempts to break into it. Fires have been lit in outbuildings. Teenagers blowing joints; making out on the porch; being told to go “f” yourself when trying to stop defacing/damaging city property.
Children swarmed, threatened, verbally abused, offered drugs while playing under the tree. Vehicles are being broken into, bikes and other items stolen/damaged because we protect the house.

The builder confirmed the house would become a park by summer’s end in 2004. The posted planning sign, where the park is now, showed the house as field. The sign disappeared one day after rumours the city was trying to rezone part of the park. They did. Without posting their intentions.

This historically insignificant, unsafe, rodent and mold infested, boarded-up death trap is an eyesore.
Area residents have paid paid $250,000 to $650,000 for our homes. We pay $4,000-plus a year in property taxes.
We were promised a park, sports fields, play equipment and a skating rink. We want the safe community and park we paid for. That’s democracy.CK


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