Wilson Farm house

A resident’s perspective.

I strongly believe that there should be no rush to make the decision about the fate of the Wilson Farm House. I have been living in that neighbourhood for over 10 years. When I first moved into the neighbourhood there was the Wilson Farm, which is now a new subdivision. The Wilson Farm house was lived in and it was part of the surroundings. Now, the house is standing in part of the new park and I love seeing the house there, so do my children. It gives the park some character and it gives us a glimpse of Guelph’s history. That house has been standing for over 100 years and it is in great structural shape. I strongly believe that the house should be saved as a heritage home to add more beauty and history to our city. I would be extremely disappointied to see the house go. I really don’t understand why some people are so obsessed with the idea of tearing it down. For what? more grass?. I also used to know the owners of the Wilson Farm. When they told me that they had sold the farm to make a new subdivision, they also told me that the condition was that the house would be preserved. They were very happy about that and so was I. What happened to that promise.

I hope that you will make the right decision. The decision to preserve the Wilson Farm House and treat it as it should, A Heritage Home that shares the history of Guelph and Not a demolition site.

Hope that you are having a great day MM


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