Wilson Farmhouse

A resident’s perspective.

I had the opportunity to attend the Community and Social Services Committee meeting September 17th. I made an effort to be there, as I am concerned about the future of the Wilson Farmhouse.

I don’t live in Ward 2, but I sure spend a lot of time there. Our home is in Ward 3. My children attend the Trillium Waldorf School, and we commute there by bike or public transit every school day. My son plays in the park and we will often enjoy a picnic there while waiting for his older sister to be done school.

I would very much like to see this Farmhouse designated and saved.

It was there first. It stands lone and proud a top of the hill and is a part of our history. What sense does it make to knock it down at the cost of the taxpayer? This park is already oversized –how big do neighbours need their park to be?

I understand that there has been more than one expression of interest from private buyers that have come forward interested in renovating the property. It seems fiscally irresponsible for the city to consider turning down $215 000. And guess what? If the property were severed and sold, the city would have one more house on the block to send a property tax bill to.

With heritage designation, there could be no worries about the buyer turning the building into something other than it should be – an Ontario Gothic farmhouse.

Yes, it would be lovely to see a public use for the property. That will cost more than we got. Sever and Sell, I say.  AS


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