Wilson Farm House

A resident’s comments

I am writing in regards to the Wilson farm house that has been sitting neglected since 2005 when it was acquired by the city of Guelph through a parkland dedication. This eye sore has been across the street from my home since the day I purchased it, in 2009 as a new build. When the subdivision was developed that house was not properly incorporated into the Northern Heights Subdivision. Therefore, causing it to look completely out of place in a modern subdivision. The land that was donated to the City that the house sits on was a wonderful gift to our neighbourhood as it contains mature walnut tees and is on a higher elevation than the rest of the park making it a great place for kids to play. My two year old son enjoys running down the slope in front of the house and the mature trees offer a nice shade covering on warm summer days. This parkland was gift. It should not be sold. The city should do the neighbourhood a favour that should have been done 8 years ago and demolish the house. When the house is gone all four streets that surround the park will be able to enjoy a lovely park view with mature trees and a playground.   KO


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