Smoking Ban – Possibility

A smoking resident comments.

Well Ian let me be honest, I am a smoker who smokes very little and may one day be a non smoker. Having said that I was again irritated by the article about the possibility of imposing a smoking ban in public places. I guess the maddening part for me is that 900 people out of a population of 120,000 or so, said they would support a non smoking ban. That is .007 of the population. Again some minuscule survey was done and the Health Unit seems to think that is conclusive. If the city forges ahead there will be added expense to the city as some johnny come latelys will be raising a fuss.

One of the things that was mentioned as a benefit is that young people would not see smoking as a good thing to do. The whole issue was prompted by a letter to the Trib by a lady who did not like her son and herself being exposed to someone’s second hand smoke. I agree, but why not just ask the individual to please not smoke near her or her son. Most people are obliging.

I am a non drinker and just as adamant about not drinking and object to seeing individuals drinking with their meals in the outside patios stuck out onto public sidewalks.

I strongly believe that city council and the city staff must look at every issue up, down, sideways etc. before they jump in with both feet.

I just know in my heart that this is going to be pushed through.BP


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One response to “Smoking Ban – Possibility

  1. Wendy Storey

    Really??? Are you aware that smoking is a pollutant? Drinking and smoking cannot be compared to one another in the respect of public place consumption. I am not inhaling someones’s margareta or half pint as I stroll past a restaurant patio, but I might suck in some second-hand smoke.

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