Sunday is GWellbeing Day in Guelph

On Sunday, September 22, the community will host its first GWellbeing Day—an event that encourages, engages and connects residents in an effort to improve their health and well-being.
Organized by the Guelph Community Wellbeing Initiative’s Healthy Populations Design team, residents of all ages are encouraged to go outside for 30 minutes on Sunday to engage in an activity that improves their mental, social, and/or physical well-being.
“An activity could be going for a walk with a friend, biking along one of Guelph’s many trails, organizing a game of tag or street hockey, or simply taking in nature along the river side,” says Mark Kubert, who volunteers on the Healthy Populations Design team.
“This is a great day to raise awareness on well-being. It is an opportunity for people to get out and be active, connect with their family and friends, and enjoy what Guelph has to offer,” says Mayor Karen Farbridge. “It inspires me that we are an engaged community that fosters healthy and resilient people, places and spaces.”
Kubert agrees. “The City has taken the lead to understand and encourage what it means to be well to Guelph residents, and our job is to be the champions of Guelph’s wellbeing initiative.”
Residents who are 18 years and older are encouraged to share their GWellbeing activity on the Guelph Community Wellbeing Facebook page or tweet about it using #guelphwellbeing. Submissions received online or at City Hall between Sunday, September 22 at 12:01 a.m. and Friday, September 27 at 4:30 p.m. are eligible for the GWellbeing Contest.
Conducted by the Healthy Populations Design team, winners will be drawn at random from all submissions received with prizes awarded in three categories: photo, video and story.
For more information about GWellbeing Day or for full contest rules and regulations, visit
About The Guelph Community Wellbeing Initiative (GCWI)
The GCWI is a City-led, community developed plan that guides well-being decisions in the community and inspires community members to take action and contribute to the collective quality of life in Guelph.


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