Guelph Police Service – Homecoming Operational Plan

Memo from the Chief

Further to the Police Services Board meeting, the Guelph Police Service in partnership with the city of Guelph, Emergency Services, By-law, Transit and University of Guelph has an Operational Plan in place to ensure a safe and secure Homecoming event.

Main GPS Action Plan:

• Ensuring adequate resources for the duration of Homecoming and Safe Semester 9am to 4am;
• Effective deployment of GPS resources to address concerns in the University corridor as well as maintain level of service throughout the city;
• Targeted enforcement will include HEAT Team in marked cruisers as well as on bicycle in Central and South Guelph neighbourhoods. GPS will support and assist with by-law complaints as well as an emphasis on proactive policing;
• Traffic officers on duty for RIDE to conduct RIDE as well as attend calls for service when required;
• Keg Party enforcement will include HEAT Team to proactively patrol known problem areas and conduct visits early in the day if it appears significant parties are forming.

Specifically identified areas of concern for patrol include:

• Gordon Street corridor (Clair Road to Wellington);
• Harvard Road and Princeton Place;
• Kortright Road in the area of Rickson Ridge Neighbourhood;
• Edinburgh Road in the area of College Avenue and Stone Road;
• Janefield Avenue in the area of Stone Road and Scottsdale Avenue;
• Cole Road in the area of Scottsdale Avenue;
• Bus Stops contained within the aforementioned areas; and
• Downtown – Entertainment District

GPS will enforce in a fair and strict manner as well as support By-law and University of Guelph CSA and Off-Campus outreach. Staffing levels from 9am to 4am will be enhanced through shift scheduling, RIDE grant and all officers shall remain on-duty until relieved by the Incident Commander.

Inspector Scott Green will oversee GPS Operations from 9am to 5pm and Inspector Paul Martin will oversee GPS Operations from 5pm to 4am.

The GPS has a significant Operational Plan in place and will commence the Operation at 9am on Saturday, September 21, 2013 and end on Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 4am.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.

For your information – Go Gryphons Go!


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