Construction Notice – Woolwich Street

Staff memo.

Please find the attached Construction Notice for the widening of Woolwich Street south of Woodlawn Road West to accommodate extending the northbound left turn lane. This work will commence on or about September 23rd and is expected to take approximately three weeks to completed. Some delays can be expected, but two-way traffic will be maintained at all times.

Woolwich St south of Woodlawn Road West Sept ’13


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One response to “Construction Notice – Woolwich Street

  1. The Woodbine/Woolwich intersection is already ugly enough without being widened. Has any thought been given to cyclists or pedestrians — especially seniors who live just east and south of the intersection? It is active transportation infrastructure that needs widening, not road space that induce more vehicular travel. This is yet another example of auto-centric engineering that is totally at odds with city policy related to Envision Guelph, the Transportation Demand Management/Bike plan, Community Energy Plan, Wellness Strategy, Senior’s Policy, etc. Using limited tax dollars — although the press release won’t tell us how much — for projects like Woodbine/Woolwich is not only wasting money but is also moving us backwards in our quest for a better quality of life in Guelph.

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