application for rezoning & OP ammendment 60 Woodlawn Rd East, Village of Riverside Glen

A resident’s perspective.

I would like to share some information with you about the application that will be coming before you in the next few weeks.

The “Medical Clinic” which is located on the second floor of the long term care home is a “Family Health Team” run by Dr. Peter Spadafora. None of the residents of the long term care home are served by this doctor or any of his staff. The residents of this home are served by five other practitioners (my father’s doctor is Dr. BP) who come in from their community practices to care for the 192 residents. Dr. Spadafora’ has a full roster of patients from the outside community (at least 2200) who access his office by traversing through portions of the retirement home and the long term home residents’ common areas. They come to this practice with a variety of ailments, some of which are contagious and present a serious risk to the disabled and frail elderly residents who live in this home.

The “post-secondary school” is a “satellite campus” of Conestoga College. There are currently three classes of students in classrooms and labs located in the basement area of the Long Term Care Home. The courses currently offered are Personal Support Worker and Practical Nursing. These courses are identical to those offered at the Doon Campus of Conestoga College. Students spend the majority of their time in the basement classrooms, these classrooms do not need to be located in a Long Term Care home to facilitate their course. The only time they interact with the residents is while they are on placement and not all students will be placed at Riverside Glen for the long term care portion of their courses (their placements also involve hospitals and community clinics and home care agencies).

Both of these uses have been operating illegally for over a year now. They have both been subject to cease use orders by the City of Guelph Building Department.

There are so many issues that have arisen from these two activities that I cannot list them all in an e-mail. SM


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