Riverside Glen Backgrounder

A resident comments.

Hello Councillor Findlay

Thank you for taking an active interest in the ongoing issues regarding Riverside Glen.
To help you understand the history and context of the issue I have attached a point form backgrounder.
I have also shared this with councillor Piper and Laidlaw.
Last week I provided an earlier version to councillor Burcher and VanHellermond.
Although the documents are substantially the same, there are a few additions to the latest version to address the evolving nature of the issue.
For example, there may be a perception that there are only a few individuals with any concerns, so I have added information regarding the small working group that was established by the Resident Council and Family Council to work with the proponent, city, ministry and public health on this issue.

As you will see in the backgrounder, city staff have been working on this issue for a long time, and to their credit have remained both patient and professional when dealing with me on this very difficult issue.
Please pass along my thanks.   MB

RSG Backgrounder


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