Wilson Park Simmonds Dr Guelph

Re: The Wilson Farmhouse/Park issue on Simmonds Dr. Guelph

To Guelph City Council

Please receive this email as our desire that the part of the park that contains the old house NOT be severed and sold. We want the park property to remain whole and NOT be reduced by approximately 10% that a severance or anything other than
park use would cause.

In addition, any use of the land other than what park use would suggest that would increase traffic or adversely affect property value of the neighbouring residences will be vigorously opposed.   DB



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3 responses to “Wilson Park Simmonds Dr Guelph

  1. Susan

    Of course, it is the farmhouse, properly restored, that will increase property
    values in the neighbourhood. Proximity to heritage buildings is clearly shown to be an advantage in all the research done by the Heritage Resources Centre in Waterloo.
    Proximity to subdivision houses usually decreases property values, sadly, as they are dime a dozen.

  2. Kevin Huinink

    The value of a home will increase property values when in proximity to a park, not to a continuously mishandled property or building in questionable state. This community is a gem in the city. The Heritage Resources Centre in Waterloo (I’m guessing) has worked with Heritage restored properties that have been handled to truly preserve their character…. not what we see in this case.

    • What shall I say to my children when they ask me why they can’t play in that part if the park anymore, why is there a big fence around the big trees we love to play in? Well you see the city doesn’t care about you; and when you grow up and who will we blaim for your jaded views of the city?

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