Wilson Farmhouse

A resident’s comments.

We read with interest in the Tribune today about a pending recommendation from city staff to demolish the Wilson Farmhouse in our neighbourhood.

We fully support this recommendation.

A has been pointed out, other options would carry significant costs and in our view that would be a waste of taxpayers money. It is also our view that this building has no significant architectural or heritage value whatsoever.   MH


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One response to “Wilson Farmhouse

  1. Dennis Galon

    While MH and everyone else is entitled to their opinion about the heritage value of the Wilson Farmhouse, in all stable democracies certain opinions have far greater value than others. It has arguably taken our society a millennium to device our adversarial judicial system, the process we use in our courts and commissions of inquiry and tribunals, as the best method humanity has for arriving at the best possible public decision on important matters.

    The Conservation Review Board (CRB), a provincial tribunal tasked with determining the heritage value of properties in Ontario (www.crb.gov.on.ca) has decided that the Wilson Farmhouse has heritage value worthy of preservation. It was, I believe, opponents of this view from the Northern Heights neighbourhood that brought the action which produced this result, so council, staff, and all Guelphites properly expect them to accept the verdict they provoked—the Wilson Farmhouse has significant heritage value. Period.

    That it has heritage value doesn’t determine what should be done with the property. If we are going to demolish it, however, let’s at least acknowledge that we have decided to tear down a property that has historical value.

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