8 #HappyMaking Pianos @GuelphJazz Festival and @DowntownGuelph

#HappyMaking Piano Poster

8 #HappyMaking pianos have been installed throughout beautiful Downtown Guelph for your entertaining pleasure.

1. City Hall Market Square partnered with @10Carden and @CityofGuelph

2. Guelph Central Station Platform 12 partnered with @GuelphTransit

3. River Run Centre partnered with @RiverRunCentre

4. St. George’s Square transit shelter 4102 adjacent fountain partnered with @GuelphTransit

5. 111 Wyndham St. N partnered with @BuddsOnline

6. 29 Quebec St partnered with @GreyRockCo

7. Guelph Public Library Main Branch partnered with @GuelphLibrary

8. 60 Baker St. and @thomasvideo

Would like to thank @DowntownGuelph Business Association, @GuelphArts Council, @MarksPianosvc, Flour Barrell, @BallyhooMedia, @GuelphJazz Festival, @WilliamsMarty, Craig, Anders, Janet, Jacob and Evelyn.

Play. Tweet. Share.       ian


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