Storm – 19 Jul

A significant storm has rolled through Guelph at approximately 5:30pm bringing heavy rains and wind. As a result we are getting reports of trees down all over the City. Power and telephones are also out in some locations. This has resulted in some traffic signals being out.

Public Works staff are responding and conducting an assessment of where the priority areas are. We ask for everyone’s patience as we work through this as quickly as we can. Staff


Update as at 8:30 pm.

45 calls for downed trees and limbs. Calls are from all across the City and there appears to be no one centre of mass. Royal City Park was hit particularly hard.

Known road blockages are at the following areas:

Gordon @ Water
Stevenson @ Speedvale
Suffolk @ Park
Wellington @ Surrey
Wellington @ Fife

Bewtween PW and Parks & Rec we have about a dozen staff deployed to deal with the calls. Priority is on clearing roads and rights of way. Crews will work until last light tonight or until all roads are clear for Emergency vehicles to pass. Work will likely continue tomorrow with remainder pushed until normal
working hours next week.

Finally, City staff are working in concert with Guelph Hydro and Guelph Police Services.


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