Guelph exploring new ways to encourage tourism

Today, the City issued a request for proposals to determine if agencies, organizations or community partners are able to deliver tourism services for the City of Guelph.
“Tourism is one of six strategic directions identified in Prosperity 2020, the community’s Economic Development and Tourism Strategy. Prosperity 2020 identified the need to establish the most effective tourism management model to realize this economic opportunity for our community,” said Mayor Karen Farbridge. “Council has issued a challenge to the tourism sector in Guelph to explore the best model to grow this important part of our local economic future.”
Using feedback from a community consultation session held last March, the City developed the request for proposals, and is seeking submissions from industry agencies, organizations and potential partners. The process is an opportunity for the City to explore different service models for tourism services in the years ahead.
“We already know Guelph is a great place to visit; our community is filled with music, arts, culture, history and heritage.” said Colleen Clack, interim executive director of community and social services. “This process is an opportunity for us to discover new ways of doing business. We’re looking for creative ways to package and market local experiences, streamline information and promotions, and improve coordination between events, attractions, activities and accommodations with our tourism partners in Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington.”
The City was scheduled to make a recommendation regarding the provision of Tourism Services in June. However, to allow more time to consider community feedback, receive and review submissions, staff has deferred its recommendation until September.


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