Guelph has more bike lanes per capita than Portland, Oregon

This image is from the newly approved City of Guelph Cycling Master Plan. Given the km of bike lanes Guelph has built to date and our relatively small population, we actually do quite well compared to other cities. The comparator cities, however, are bigger both in geography and population, so the existing ratio of total road length per person is already probably lower than ours. The comparator cities in the graphic come from a research paper published by Ralph Buehling and his colleague Pucher. They are both international references for studies on cycling patterns and behaviours. (Thanks to TDM staff for the information.)bicycle lanes



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2 responses to “Guelph has more bike lanes per capita than Portland, Oregon

  1. Number of bike lanes per capita is a fun comparator but doesn’t mean much. Modal split does. In Portland, 6% of the 590,000 population are cycling every day — Guelph is 1% of 121,000. So Portland has 35,280 people cycling on a daily basis compared to 1,210 here. If Portland had the same population as Guelph, they’d have over 7,200 people cycling every day. We can get Guelphites cycling more if we had a comprehensive TDM program providing incentives and disincentives for drivers — not just disconnected bike lanes. Then we’ll be able to really pat ourselves on the back. We’ll have to move fast though because Portland has set a goal of 15% modal split by 2020 whereas we have a target of 3% by 2022!

  2. When the city calls bike lanes that last for less then 40 feet improved infrastructure for cyclists, like the “bikelanes” at speedvale and stevenson its hard to see how this makes Guelph better than Portland.
    Maybe once the city commits to connecting these lanes so that they dont just disapear and force you to murge back into traffic as the road narrows, then we could think of Guelph as developing the roads with cyclists in mind.

    that said, the bike lanes on Stone are brilliant!

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