City releases its 2013 horticulture planting roster

The City has prepared its 2013 horticulture planting roster and developed a plan to address reductions to or the elimination of horticulture displays across the city.
This follows Council’s decision to reduce city-wide plantings of shrubs and flowers by 20 per cent or $50,000, bringing the total shrub and flower bed budget to $198,340. The decision was made last December during the 2013 budget deliberations.
To achieve the 2013 budget reduction the City will eliminate four seasonal summer positions and 23 displays from this year’s planting locations.
“The City carefully reviewed all planting locations to determine how to keep Guelph looking beautiful, while reducing the number of shrubs and flowers,” says Karen Sabzali, manager of Parks and Open Space.
In identifying the locations for removal, staff considered the following key factors:
• Open spaces frequented by Guelph residents and tourists
• Plant competition—trees and other poor growing conditions competing with horticulture displays
• Mature plants due for rejuvenation/removal
• Staffing resource efficiencies
• Horticultural displays funded by other sources
Read the complete list of 2013 planting locations, including sites affected by the reduction.
Staff will report on the impacts of the 20 per cent reduction to the Community and Social Services Committee this fall.


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