Accolades from Target; 175 Stone Road West

A fantastic perspective from beyond our little borders. Sometimes we need to hear from others how good we can be. Customer service excellence.

Thought I would share some comments I received today from Target’s HQ in Minneapolis. Guelph is one the first stores to open in Canada and has been used as a test site for the rest of the country. The gentleman I have been dealing with in Licensing repeatedly commented on how great Guelph has been to work with and how easy it was working with this municipality compared to others. He specifically mentioned the inspection process and the customer service provided. The Guelph store is set to have a soft opening this coming Tuesday with a grand opening the first week of April.   Staff



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3 responses to “Accolades from Target; 175 Stone Road West

  1. John


    First Cam Guthrie is quoted in the Tribune this week talking about how “this city is being run very, very well”, and now this.

    Surely these are signs that some type of apocalypse is upon us!

    Down is up, black is white… Mommy, I’m scared!

    • John,
      Thanks for the smile you just brought to my face this afternoon. A big problem is that the local Mercury newspaper (like many) only focus on the negative in a community and never take the time to actually look at what good is going on. Maybe Cam is maturing?????

      • Lisa

        Cam’s taking major heat from local Conservatives.
        How long do they plan on spending in the political wilderness in Guelph? Don’t say till the next prov election cause we’re not much into that horse racing thing here.

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